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Elli Harboe, Kaya Wilkins (nn) - Thelma (NO-2017) HD 1080p [topless, lesbian]

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Elli Harboe, Kaya Wilkins (nn) - Thelma (NO-2017) HD 1080p [topless, lesbian]

58594879_w-thelma-1080p-00_00_20_20-stil 58594880_w-thelma-1080p-00_00_56_00-stil 58594881_w-thelma-1080p-00_01_48_01-stil 58594882_w-thelma-1080p-00_03_16_04-stil 58594883_w-thelma-1080p-00_03_32_01-stil 58594885_w-thelma-1080p-00_03_46_23-stil 58594886_w-thelma-1080p-00_04_04_02-stil 58594887_w-thelma-1080p-00_04_15_14-stil 58594888_w-thelma-1080p-00_04_34_18-stil 58594889_w-thelma-1080p-00_04_37_17-stil 58594890_w-thelma-1080p-00_05_37_05-stil 58594891_w-thelma-1080p-00_05_37_20-stil 58594892_w-thelma-1080p-00_05_40_10-stil 58594893_w-thelma-1080p-00_05_42_20-stil 58594894_w-thelma-1080p-00_06_44_22-stil 58594895_w-thelma-1080p-00_06_47_01-stil


Format            : MPEG-4 at 8 093 kb/s
Length            : 422 MiB for 7 min 17 s 228 ms

Video #0          : AVC at 7 772 kb/s
Aspect            : 1920 x 808 (2.376) at 23.976 fps

Audio #0          : AAC at 317 kb/s
Infos             : 2 channels, 48.0 kHz
Language          : no

(pass: hef)

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